King of Killers (2023) Review

A Fun Ride


King of Killers may not have a huge budget but it does make up for it with some impressive fight scenes and gruesome kills.

Plot: Garan is a part of a group of international hitmen who are contracted to take out the most dangerous killer in the world, only to find out that they’re the ones being hunted.

Review: Based on Kevin Grevioux’s graphic novel of the same name, King of Killers is a fun, low budget actioner with a cast that includes Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, Stephen Dorff, Gianni Capaldi and Kevin Grevioux.

Films abut assassins are a dime a dozen these days but I liked the idea of this where a mysterious man known as Jorg Drakos wants the world’s best assassins to try and kill him… but why? Well, you’ll just have to watch it to find out.

Our lead is played by Alan Moussi and I think this is his best film to date where he gets to utilize his fighting skills as well as showing some dramatic chops.

At a wonderful 88 minutes King of Killers is briskly paced with regular fight scenes and some nice choreography; at times it’s little too sped up or it cuts away but there are some impressive beatdowns especially where Moussi is involved.

Frank Grillo makes any film worth watching as far as I’m concerned and he makes for a formidable villain here.

I’ll always remember Kevin Grevioux from the Underworld films as he has the coolest voice I’ve ever heard; he still does here too but I’ll always be jealous my voice won’t be that awesome.

The budget limitations are apparent with CG blood, glass and muzzle flare at times but it didn’t bother me as it was still a fun ride with some gloriously violent kills.

It’s very much open for a sequel which is a little presumptuous but I like where the story is going, so I’ll be there if we do get one.

Overall, King of Killers may not have a huge budget which will put many viewers off but it’s arguably Alain Moussi’s best film with plenty of fight scenes and violent kills to be worth checking out.