Last Man Standing (1995) Music Score Review

Worth a Listen


The music score to Last Man Standing is a welcome shot of adrenaline; it may be a little 90’s sounding but it’s still better than most of the tuneless dirge that passes for movie music these days.

About: Buysoundtrax Digital presents the original soundtrack for the 1995 Motion Picture LAST MAN STANDING starring Jeff Wincott, Jillian McWhirter and Jonathan Banks.

Kurt Bellmore is a hard-nose L.A. cop who is forced to turn his back on the law when he becomes the pawn in a deadly conspiracy. When Bellmore crosses paths with vicious criminal Snake Underwood, he loses his partner and suddenly finds himself with no one to trust – not even his closest allies on the force. Music Composed and Produced by Louis Febre.

Review: Last Man Standing is one of my personal favourite Jeff Wincott action movies and I love how the music score to the film was released last year for it; if you’re interested it can be found on Spotify, iTunes and

Like the score to Rage (starring Gary Daniels) Last Man Standing is composed by Louis Febre and is 54 minutes of adrenaline reminiscent of Mark Mancina’s classic score for Speed. It’s a product of the time and it is a little keyboard-y sounding but it has a memorable theme tune making for an easy listen.

Stand out tracks include Hotel Shootout, Bank Heist & Freeway Chase, Strip Club Firefight and Car Chase, Subway Shootout and the End Credits which feature some nice choral music which may seem a little out of place with the rest of the score but it still works.

Overall, Last Man Standing may sound a little 90’s but it still holds up as an exciting music score to one of Jeff Wincott’s most entertaining action pictures.

Track Listing

  1. Last Man Standing Opening (feat. Louis Febre ) 3:20
  2. Hotel Shootout (feat. Louis Febre ) 4:40
  3. Flowers and Romance (feat. Louis Febre ) 2:06
  4. Chemical Planet & Doc’s Death (feat. Louis Febre ) 4:39
  5. Tears for Doc (feat. Louis Febre ) 1:47
  6. Bank Heist and Freeway Chase (feat. Louis Febre ) 10:44
  7. Garage Shootout (feat. Louis Febre ) 3:08
  8. A Wife’s Loyalty (feat. Louis Febre ) 1:05
  9. Barnhouse Goes Boom (feat. Louis Febre ) 2:48
  10. Doc’s Book on Tape (feat. Louis Febre ) 1:15
  11. Driving to the Strip Club : Hit on Underwood (feat. Louis Febre ) 1:57
  12. Strip Club Firefight and Car Chase (feat. Louis Febre ) 6:03
  13. Subway Shootout (feat. Louis Febre ) 6:08
  14. Last Man Standing End Credits (feat. Louis Febre ) 4:37