Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume 2 Review

Plot: Determined to promote Chinese martial arts in America, Bruce Lee establishes a small but popular kung fu school. As he encounters different opponents and their various fighting styles, Bruce envisions a new way of kung fu capable of revolutionizing the world of martial arts forever.

Review: I’ll be honest and say I’d never heard of this TV series until recently and it’s understandable why; it’s incredibly cheap looking and this DVD is only available in a terribly dubbed version with no option to have the original language. It has a soap opera feel to it (which I believe was deliberate) but scenes go on for far too long and we just don’t get enough of watching Bruce Lee kicking ass. 

I couldn’t tell if the actors were good or not because the dubbing was so bad but it certainly didn’t seem the best. The DVD also has zero special features making it difficult to recommend. 

It isn’t all bad though; I enjoyed learning more about some of Bruce Lee’s lesser known conflicts and how he became quite the philosopher. 

The main selling point was seeing the supporting cast that includes Mark Dacascos, Ray Park, Gary Daniels and Michael Jai White. Our lead Danny Chan certainly looked like Bruce Lee although he lacks some of his mannerisms and doesn’t quite match his physical prowess either. 

I think this would have worked better if it had a bigger budget as I like the idea of a series that explores the life of Bruce Lee and giving us greater insight into the man behind the myth but sadly this isn’t it. 

Overall, Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume 2 is worth picking up if you watched and enjoyed Volume 1 or if you are a Bruce Lee completist but I found it pretty bad and can’t recommend forking out 25 bucks on it.