Legends of Action: Isaac Florentine

If you’re an action movie/martial arts fan then I’m sure this name will be ringing some bells. Isaac Florentine has directed Undisputed 2 & 3, Ninja and The Shepherd: Border Patrol amongst many others.

The first film of his that I watched was Ninja starring Scott Adkins (who has starred in all of the movies mentioned above). What caught my attention at first was the cool poster with the black clad Ninja on the cover, so I bought the DVD and gave it a watch. I was blown away by the awesome fight scenes and Scott Adkins on-screen charisma. It had a great score by Stephen Edwards as well so if you haven’t seen it then I’d check it out.

As you know I’ve become a MASSIVE fan of Scott Adkins recently, since watching the Undisputed movies. When Mr. Florentine and Adkins work together we are given some really kick ass action flicks. It still annoys me that these films don’t get a wider release as I would LOVE to see them on the big screen. The fight scenes are so well choreographed that you sometimes forget you’re watching a movie, you feel every punch/kick and I’m usually exhausted by the end.

So if you haven’t watched any of these movies, then check them out STAT, Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins are two of the most interesting names in action today so let’s help to keep action alive by supporting them.