Legends of Action: Matthias Hues

Matthias Hues has been working in the action genre for over 20 years and frankly he’s barely aged a day. Instantly recognizable for his long blonde hair and huge frame, he is always an imposing figure on screen and his fight scenes are always authentic looking.

He was born on Valentine’s Day in Waltrop, Germany, to the late Dr. Josef Hues and Maria Humperdinck Hues. Hues started out wanting to be a hotel manager but would eventually get the entertainment bug and moved to Los Angeles.

He trained at the legendary Gold’s Gym and due to his massive physique, he quickly made a name for himself in low budget action movies.

Hues is best known for his role as the vicious alien serial killer from the Dolph Lundgren classic I Come in Peace AKA Dark Angel. He’s mostly played villains and his movies usually end with an awesome fight scene, resulting in a violent death for Mr. Hues. My personal favourite roles of his are in Mission of Justice with Jeff Wincott, I Come in Peace and TC2000 with Billy Blanks and Bolo Young.

He holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and he is also skilled in kickboxing, making him the perfect fit for the action genre.

I was lucky enough to interview him a few months back and although he would love a part in The Expendables series, he think it would be unlikely because of how similar he looks to Dolph Lundgren. I don’t think he’s THAT similar and would personally love to see him in the series… as a good guy.

Matthias has several upcoming movies including The Rogue, 1066 and Angel of Death, so he’s showing no signs of retiring any time soon.

In fact, just check out his filmography below:


2014 The Rogue (pre-production)



2014 1066 (pre-production)

Hugh De Montfort


2014 Angel of Death (filming)



2011 Goy

Martin Teinmann


2010 The Grove (short)



2009 At World’s End



2009 Art of Submission



2009 Wanted: Weapons of Fate (Video Game)

Bearded Assassin (voice)


2009 Green Street Hooligans 2 (video)

Taras (uncredited)


2009 Charlie Valentine



2009 Immortally Yours

Marshall Pope


2008 Chinaman’s Chance: America’s Other Slaves



2007 D-War

Bounty Hunter #1


2003 The Librarians



2003 Beyond the Limits

Big Blond knight (uncredited)


2001 The Silent Force (uncredited)


2001 Legion of the Dead

Togaio – Blond Man


2000 The King’s Guard



2000 Hostile Environment

Mike Erikson


1999 Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (TV series)


– Enter the Lost Galaxy (1999) … Guardian


1998 The Company Man (video)

Van Guilder


1998/I The Protector



1997 Conan (TV series)


– A Friend in Need (1997) … Savann


1997 Cyber Vengeance



1997 Executive Target



1997 Boogeyman Vampire Club 4



1996 Lone Tiger

Dark Tiger


1996 Starcrypt



1996 Safety Zone

Marcos (as Matthius Hues)


1996 Alone in the Woods



1995 Droid Gunner



1995 Digital Man

Digital Man


1995 Fists of Iron

Victor ‘The Destroyer’ Bragg


1994 Death Match

Mark Vanik


1994 Finding Interest

The Hitman


1993 TC 2000



1993 Bounty Tracker (video)

Erik Gauss


1993 Fist Fighter 2



1993 Age of Treason (TV movie)



1992 Mission of Justice

Titus Larkin


1992 Talons of the Eagle



1992 Blackbelt

John Sweet


1992 I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore

Eric, Personal Trainer


1992 Tequila and Bonetti (TV series)


– Runt of the Litter (1992) … Arnie


1991 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Second Klingon General


1991/I Diplomatic Immunity



1991 Kickboxer 2: The Road Back

Neil Vargas


1990 Aftershock



1990 Dark Angel

Bad Alien – Talec


1989 Cage

Italian Fighter


1989 Fist Fighter



1988 Big Top Pee-wee

Oscar the Liontamer


1987 Brothers (TV series)


– There’s a Lid for Every Pot (1987) … Thor


1987 No Retreat, No Surrender 2: Raging Thunder




Source: IMDB