Making Sense of the Real Kumite with Frank Dux! / Viking Samurai interviews Frank Dux

I have to give a shout out to one of my favourite YouTubers Viking Samurai who recently sat down and chatted with Frank Dux where they discussed the real Kumite and more.


In this video, martial arts master Frank Dux and I discuss the real Kumite. We address several things related to why people don’t think it was actually a real event that Frank Dux competed in (which the movie Bloodsport was based off).

00:00 – Introduction
01:31 – Making sense of the Kumite
07:13 – Does Kumite Math make sense?
10:48 – Making more sense of the Kumite
12:11 – How did Dux get into the Kumite?
13:54 – Where is the Kumite fight footage?
19:20 – Dux and the World Organization for Peace
21:10 – Discussing the main Kumite event
25:51 – Why did Dux retire from fighting?
29:31 – What did Frank Dux do after Bloodsport?