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Milla Jovovich Hellboy Red Carpet Interview

This interview was very brief as it was on the red carpet in Toronto last night but I thought we got some good details on Milla Jovovich’s character Nimue: The Blood Queen from the new Hellboy film.


Maybe I’m in the minority here but am I the only one who was on Nimue’s side in Hellboy and I wanted you to win?

I’m so happy to hear you say that! (laughs)


I was thinking throughout “just go off with her Hellboy; it’s just the apocalypse, I’m sure everything will be fine!”

(laughs) Right? We teach our kids to embrace who they are, to be themselves and Hellboy’s dad is like shaving his horns, telling him to hide himself so it’s this bittersweet quality about this movie that I think is so strong because so many action films are black and white where we have the good guy and the bad guy but in this movie it’s like Hellboy makes these choices to save humanity but humanity will never accept him as who he is and humanity will always shun him for who he is and yet he still defends them. Of course that’s beautiful and at the same time really sad.

I loved the look of Nimue and the way it changes throughout the film; how was that to work with?

Oh it was amazing; we did a lot of work on her physicality and for me I was very inspired by romantic British paintings from the 1850’s to the late 1800’s with all the art of the knights in shining armour, the nymphs and mermaids and things like that. We wanted it to kind of be a foil to her evilness and have this femininity because her ideals are pure but they are twisted so I just wanted to show this spirit that’s beautiful and feminine and actually really good at heart.


Once again a big thank you to Lisa Seselja for being my photographer.