Mistakes Every Facebook Advertiser has to Avoid

Facebook is getting bigger every year. Pandemic changed the world and let people spend more time on social networks. That’s why more local or global businesses converted from traditional advertising platforms to digital space. Competition on Facebook advertising platforms has increased. You need to focus more on Facebook marketing campaigns because the competition will be increased eventually – act while it’s still an under-valued ad platform. In this post, you’ll find the top mistakes every Facebook advertiser has to avoid.

Prohibited or Restricted Content

Facebook gives great importance to offering a safe environment in line with community standards. Marketers should definitely be careful not to get caught in the terrain of prohibited or restricted content. Above all, they should be aware that this can also happen accidentally or through negligence. You don’t have to try to promote adult sites right away. It can be enough to mention the smoking lounge of a hotel – as a rule, this is not a knockout criteria, but it significantly complicates the approval process on the part of Facebook.


Infringing copyrights


Marketers have to be sure that they either only use their own material or that they have all the necessary permissions when using third-party content. This also applies to registered trademarks – Adidas also had to prove to Facebook that it was allowed to use the three stripes and the logo. Fortunately, Facebook also provides help on this point.


Use the word “Facebook”


Facebook basically allows you to use your own name in ads – marketers should still use this word rarely. The bottom line is that under no circumstances should the impression be given that it is an advertisement from the company Facebook itself – what works and what doesn’t are precisely defined in the advertising guidelines .

Be reported as a spammer

With all due care, it cannot be ruled out: someone sees an advertisement, feels harassed and reports it as spam. Also, a competitor tries to out-boot the competition by reporting regularly. In such cases, marketers can contact Facebook and argue against deletion. It is helpful (not only) in this case if a company page makes a serious impression and, for example, the “About us” section is filled out properly.

Use many different accounts

At some points every Facebook advertiser loses their ad account. It’s an inevitable process – if you are in this space, then you probably know what we are talking about. That’s why you should be ready with different Facebook accounts to keep up with the bans. You may get banned for a non-regular reason and why you appeal, you lose thousands of dollars every single day. That’s why you should be ready with a second or third account, so while the first account is appealed, you can still run campaigns.


Keep this in mind – every single day Facebook becomes suspicious and suspects the wrong aspect in one of your campaigns – and it happens very often. Therefore, it often makes the most sense to keep using the old account and build on its history and followers. If there is no other way, an account can of course also be deleted .


Facebook’s rules and requirements for advertisements are actually quite clear and obvious. Nevertheless, marketers should allow enough time to prepare their campaigns in the event that something goes wrong. Even if some things seem too complex or like a waste of time, ultimately all factors contribute to a campaign performing well and exploiting its maximum potential.