My Favourite Scene from the Terminator Series

Filming is currently underway on the latest entry in the Terminator saga with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton both back in action. Last night the original 1984 classic The Terminator was on TV and I forgot how much I love it; T2 will always be my favourite however, there are so many great scenes and lines of dialogue in the original classic.

My personal favourite scene of the series involves the T-800’s massacre at the police station after he utters “I’ll be Back” for the first (and best?) time. I love the way he delivers the line and Arnie has never been so menacing before or since. I hope in this latest movie we get to see him be the villain again as it’s far more exciting; I would love to have more of a horror movie feel too like the original where there is a real sense of desperation.

Anyway, this scene really shows us the sheer power of a Terminator as it easily takes down 30 armed police offers with ease. Normally in an action movie someone will try to get to the police for help and that a police station will be a safe haven… not this time. Even armed cops can’t stop this machine who will keep going until it completes its mission. You know what would be cool? If we actually saw what a Terminator does AFTER it completes its mission. Sarah Connor is dead so… guess I’ll settle down and marry a toaster and live happily ever after.

What’s your favourite Terminator scene?