My Stupid Idea for a Demolition Man Sequel

Demolition Man was always one of my favourite Sylvester Stallone movies; Wesley Snipes was on career best form as Simon Phoenix and I’d love to see them go toe to toe again. Sure they may end up together in Expendables 3 but these two characters would be great see on the big screen again. So here’s my idea for Demolition Man 2. Please bare in mind that this is NOT a real film, it’s just for fun.

John Spartan: Sylvester Stallone

Simon Phoenix: Wesley Snipes

Edgar Friendly: Denis Leary

Directed by: Marco Brambilla

Several years after the Utopian city of San Angeles was brought to its knees by terrorist Simon Phoenix, the city has recovered and with Edgar Friendly as the Mayor, people have learned to have fun again. The city has remained peaceful with no major crimes occurring for several years.

All good things much come to an end, however when Friendly is murdered by a new gang which is determined to bring down the city through anarchy and terrorism. The gang get their hands on a new cloning technology and use it to bring back their idol Simon Phoenix. They want him to lead them into a future where the city belongs to them and to kill the man responsible for stopping him before: John Spartan.

Spartan is retired and living a quiet life in the country; when Phoenix returns and murders his wife Lenina Huxley (Sandra Bullock) Spartan vows revenge and the two men begin a city-sized war where only one can survive.

This would likely be darker in tone than the original but you could still have some humour…