New Cast Details on The Punisher Season 2

I didn’t know Season 2 of The Punisher was so far along but Deadline has announced some new cast members; Josh Stewart (Shooter), Floriana Lima (Supergirl) and Giorgia Whigham (Scream) have been cast as new series regulars.


Stewart will play John Pilgrim, a man whose calm exterior belies a ruthless interior. Despite having left behind a life of violence, circumstances will force him to use his old skills and bring him into Frank Castle’s world. Lima will portray Krista Dumont, a smart, compassionate and driven psychotherapist for military veterans. Whigham will play Amy Bendix, a street-smart grifter with a mysterious past.


In addition to Bernthal, returning Punisher cast includes Ben Barnes as Billy Russo, Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani, and Jason R. Moore as Curtis Hoyle.


No release date yet for Season 2 but I imagine some point in 2019.


Source: Deadline