New Colour Corrected Screenshots for Michael Matteo Rossi’s The Charisma Killers

Today we have some exclusive new colour corrected screenshots from writer/director Michael Matteo Rossi’s latest picture The Charisma Killers.

Plot: When the old mentor of 7 killers finds out he has terminal cancer, he gives them all an opportunity at his fortune to prove themselves for one night only to exact revenge.

The cast includes Vernon Wells, Vanessa Angel, Marnette Patterson, Damian Tanenbaum, Chris Moss, Paul Logan, Daniel O’Reily, Jackie Moore, Jordan James Smith, Antje Utgaard and in their acting debuts: Jessica Mckay, Forest Meadows, Brian Pillman Jr, and Tenille Dashwood.

When asked for a comment on the film Rossi stated “It’s been very exciting post production, and that we have a goal of being totally complete with the film by August”.

So, stay tuned for further details on the upcoming film and check out the new images below.