New Details on Steven Seagal’s Attrition

Steven Seagal’s movie Attrition will apparently be released on a brand new VOD platform called 365 Flix on September 14. Right now the site isn’t available for buyers yet but there will also be a DVD and Blu-ray available in the future.

Check out the link to 365 Flix :

Attrition will also be released in France, Germany, Russia, Japan and Italy. More countries will follow.

In Scandinavia the movie will be released on VOD under the title Final Mission which is a little more generic

Plot: .Special Ops leader Axe struggles to cope with the seemingly endless deaths his job as a killing machine has caused. Axe decides to retire to the remote jung­les of Asia where he tries to come to terms with the life he has lived. When a desperate father begs him to help save his kidnapped daughter, Axe is forced out of retirement. He assembles his old team and together they go on a mission to capture the kidnappers and return the girl safely to her parents.