New Teaser for Arena Wars with Michael Madsen

Here is the first teaser for Arena Wars Movie starring Michael Madsen, John Wells, Eric Roberts, Robert LaSardo, Kevin Hager, Wesley Cannon, BJ Mezek, Michael Beran, Kyus Wright, Mike Della Pia, Kylie Fulmer, Dave Shecter, Kyosuke Mukai, Michelle Hill, Robert Donavan, Greg Tally and other talented actors and actresses.

Written and Directed by: Brandon Slagle, Produced by: The Mahal Brothers. Cinematography by: Michael Su. We wrapped production a few months ago in early June of 2021. The movie will most likely be released in early 2023 due to the editing work involved.

SYNOPSIS: In 2045 convicted criminals are given the choice of lethal injection or they can compete in the Fight Dome. Contestants have to survive seven arenas with different killers. If anyone survives they win their freedom.