New Teaser for Out for Vengeance with Costas Mandylor & Ron Smoorenburg

“OUT FOR VENGEANCE” Official Teaser. Directed by Salar Zarza. True Spirit Entertainment. Casting Director Varol Porsemay (Hollywood Produksiyon).

Teaser of the international action/thriller “OUT FOR VENGEANCE”, an international feature film executive produced and directed by Salar Zarza. Starring Salar Zarza, Ron Smoorenburg, Costas Mandylor, Richard Burgi, Christopher Atkins, Silvio Simac, Kim Feenstra, Barbara Nedeljakova, Fajah Lourens, Dorien Rose Duinker and more stars. A fast paced high production levels, internationally shot revenge action thriller motion picture, currently in final stages of principle photography.

Sequel is getting in the works with my int team abroad, we’re building it around a solid hollywood star cast and likely perhaps a well known hollywood action films writer/director veteran of many amazing hits, in talks with several writer/director names. First the release and a ww promotion tour for it later this year.