New Trailer for Korean Actioner Paid in Blood

Plot: When a powerful crime ring starts construction on the largest casino in all of Asia, the group is challenged by a young, vicious gangster (Jang Hyuk) from Seoul who will stop at nothing to gain power. In a desperate attempt to stop the newcomer’s plot to kill his way to the top, the gang’s leader declares all-out war on the man and his followers.

Directed by: YOON Youngbin

Starring: YOO O-Seong [YU Oh-seong] (Beat, Champion, Spy)

JANG Hyuk (THE SWORDSMAN, My Country: The New Age)

Park Seong-geun (Stranger, Into the Ring)

Oh Dae-hwan (DELIVER US FROM EVIL, Veteran, The Great Battle)

Lee Hyun-kyun (To All the Guys Who Loved Me, My Country: The New Age)

Shin Seung-hwan (Vagabond, The Battleship Island, Veteran)