New Trailer for Night of the Assassin

After a deadly, long-dormant health condition surfaces during a mission, Joseon’s most lethal assassin goes into hiding to seek a cure without revealing his identity. But upon witnessing a ruthless campaign of terror against local villagers, the region’s deadliest killer comes out of retirement in order to exact his own brutal brand of vigilante justice.

Written and directed by first-time auteur Kwak Jeong-deok, the action-packed adventure Night Of The Assassin exclusively debuts on Hi-YAH! July 21, before landing on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD August 8 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Set in Korea’s Joseon-era and featuring spectacular swordplay, the film follows a deadly assassin who comes out of retirement to exact revenge on a group waging a brutal campaign of terror against local villagers. Night Of The Assassin stars Shin Hyun-joon (Guns & Talks, Son of a General II & III), Lee Mun-sik (Night in Paradise), and Kim Min-kyung (Pipeline, Spiritwalker).