New Trailer for Wiro Sableng 212

Plot: In a riot that killed both his parents, 4-year old boy Wiro is rescued and raised by an eccentric old female warrior, Screwy Sinto. The perpetrator of the riot turns out to be Sinto’s former disciple, Mahesa Birawa, who turns his back on her and uses her ultimate fighting technique for his own vicious needs that know no boundaries. Stung by betrayal and worried that Mahesa will get even more dangerous, she bestows upon Wiro a secretive, legendary silat style and grooms him to be the next 212 Dragon Axe Warrior. After 17 years of training, 21 year-old Wiro inherits the mighty 212 Axe and leaves his master and the mountains he has called home to put an end to Mahesa’s evil deeds.