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Phil Collins of EssayService Lists 6 Must-Watch Movies About College Life

6 Best Movies About College Life

Movies about college life are amazing stressbusters. They not only entertain you with howling laughs and thrilling plots but also teach you the do’s and don’ts of college life.

You’ve got to admit that your college years are precious. This is the time when you have crazy moments with friends, discover your potential, and decide who you want to be in the future. Hence, movies about college life would be some of the most relatable movies you will ever watch.

Here’s a list of the six greatest college flicks you should add to your watchlist. And if you are worried about nearing homework deadlines, look for a paper writing service with best prices for college students to make time for yourself and still submit your assignments on time and earn the best grades.

6 Must-Watch Flicks That Perfectly Capture College Life

1.   Accepted (2006)

High-school grads Bartleby and his friends get rejection letters from every college they apply to. So, they plan to create a fake university for higher learning. The idea works so well that every rejected student enrolls in this new school. Will Bartleby be able to educate and save the future of all the students, including his own?

Accepted is one of the best college comedy movies that would deliver back-to-back great laughs. With a great storyline, the movie poses deep questions about the purpose of college and the admissions process. You would relate with the characters and wish the movie never ended.

2.   The Social Network (2010)

A Harvard undergrad student with extraordinary programming skills started working on an idea on a fall night in 2003. Within six years, the project that started from his dorm room revolutionized communication and made him the youngest billionaire in history.

He is none other than Mark Zuckerberg, and The Social Network documents his journey of creating Facebook. Engaging, entertaining, and satisfying, the movie is a combination of a superb script, skilled cinematography, and impressive acting. No surprise that this Oscar-winning masterpiece is often cited as one of the best movies of the 21st century.

3.   Whiplash (2014)

Whether you want to be an artist, sportsperson, or entrepreneur, the pursuit of greatness is not always pleasant. The same happens with Andrew Niemann, who aspires to be the best jazz drummer in the world.

When he becomes a student of a notable music conservatory, he finds that the school’s senior instructor is ruthless. The abusive instructor demands perfection and never fails to belittle the students. Will Andrew survive all the obstacles and fulfill his dreams?

Whiplash is an excellent psychological drama movie that keeps you engaged from the beginning. This journey in the search for the inner spirit would teach you that you can achieve anything with consistent efforts.

4.   Good Will Hunting (1997)

Working as a janitor at MIT and living in the slums, Will Hunting has a gifted talent in Maths. When he solves a complex Math problem on a blackboard, Professor Gerald comes across his hidden potential. So, Will starts to work with the professor and meets a psychologist who would help him unlock his true capacity.

Good Will Hunting is a psychological drama film that presents a witty and inspiring story. It touches on concepts like insecurity, childhood trauma, and relationships in a brilliant way. The development of Will in the movie is a cinematic masterpiece that would inspire you to grow in your life. Above all, you can expect to learn some brilliant lessons from Will’s therapist.

5.   Old School (2003)

Mitch, Frank, and Beanie, three former college friends in their thirties, are depressed with their current lives and miss their crazy youth days.

So, they decide to start a fraternity near their alma mater and relive their old college memories. But how would they deal with the strict Dean of Students who has a personal grudge against the three friends?

Old School is a comedy film that shows you the ups and downs of post-college life in an outrageously funny way. With relatable characters and a fascinating storyline, this movie speaks to your soul. So, next time you curse your college life, watch this movie to remember how precious college is.

6.   Rudy (1993)

Rudy has loved Notre Dame football since childhood and dreams of being a part of the team. Growing up in a working-class family, people always discourage him from playing college football. But when Rudy loses his best friend in an accident, he realizes that it is now or never to follow his biggest dream. Will Rudy break all the chains and get to play for the Fighting Irish?

This biographical sports flick is based on the inspirational life of Daniel Rudy Ruettiger. The movie shows how life is not about winning or losing but living it. So, get immersed in it whenever you feel uncertain and hopeless about your life.

Summing Up

College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The above movies about college life will make you want to turn this phase into an exciting, adventurous, and meaningful journey. These stories would entertain you with jokes, thrill you with plot twists, and inspire you with eye-opening lessons. Now grab a pizza and start with the one that seems the most stirring!