For anyone who enjoys James Franco, Seth Rogen and David Gordon Green, Pineapple Express is a must-watch. This weed-fueled comedy also stars Craig Robinson, Gary Cole, Rosie Perez and Danny McBride. It’s rare to find a movie that celebrates Marijuana and weed as much as Pineapple Express.


Although the movie’s premise is based on weed, it’s not a typical stoner film. It’s not a coming-of-age tale, romantic comedy, or sex farce, and the pothead-friendly film’s cast includes James Franco, Kevin Corrigan, and Seth Rogen, who plays a stoned straight man.

Pineapple Express is a very entertaining action-comedy

While there are plenty of action-comedy films for people who like to smoke marijuana, James Franco’s “Pineapple Express” might be the best one. It stars Johnathon Daniel Brown as a highschool dropout who lives with his mom and younger brother. The two of them are infamous for smoking pot, and they decide to set out to create an empire of their own by smuggling it across the border. But they aren’t the only ones who share this trait.

Hilarious cops, pot jokes, and witty dialogue

Despite its snarky title, “Pineapple Express” is not entirely devoid of hilarious jokes. Among its many highlights are hilarious cops, pot jokes, and witty dialogue. It also stars James Franco as the most beloved stoner in movie history. While it is far from an action-comedy masterpiece, Pineapple Express is an entertaining, heart-warming buddy movie.


As a stoner, you’ll find no shortage of hilarious references in this pothead-friendly film. Even the title is based on marijuana. But this film is more than just a stoner movie: It’s an action-comedy that explores the dangers of pot, while at the same time illustrating the positive aspects of weed.

Pineapple Express cannabis strain

Pineapple Express, named for a real cannabis strain. Same as sour punch seeds, Pineapple Express is a hybrid cannabis strain with uplifting effects. The movie follows a marijuana dealer and process server on the run from police and hitmen. During the film, marijuana is mentioned 69 times – enough to make it the best stoner movie, based on mentions alone. follows a marijuana dealer and process server on the run from police and hitmen.

Bottom Line

The best action-comedy film about pot is Pineapple Express. This buddy stoner film centers on a special strain of marijuana known as Pineapple Express. Two stoners, Dale and Saul, become involved in a drug-dealing conspiracy. Saul hires an assassin to kill a rival marijuana dealer, and Dale gets entangled in the conspiracy.