Plot Details Revealed for Cliffhanger 2

I think some were skeptical if this was actually real news when we posted it a few weeks ago but it does indeed look like Cliffhanger 2 is a thing and in an interview with Collider director Ric Roman Waugh (Angel Has Fallen) provided some details on what we can expect from the plot.

“So, the way that he passed the torch to Michael B. Jordan in Creed, you know, off the Rocky franchise, Stallone’s character will be, of the age he is now – Gabe Walker – he’s got a daughter, he’s got an heir apparent, pseudo son, and they have a mountaineering company, Italian Alps. Tragedy strikes that’s very similar to what happened in the original movie, so that father and daughter have to deal with that and how to overcome tragedy. How do we get through traumatic experiences and fight to move forward? It’s what extreme sports like climbing are all about. And of course, there might be some nefarious bad guys that show up in the Italian Alps, and all hell breaks loose.”

You’ll have to go some to beat John Lithgow and his excessively evil band of cronies from the first film but I’ll still be there for this.


Source: Collider