Pop Gun: Friel the Need: A Top Gun Parody

I provide some voices on this which was a lot of fun.

A totally ridiculous tribute to Top Gun and Tom Cruise by Writer, Director and Composer Greg Friel. What do you do when you have absolutely no budget? This! Full of cheesy one-liners and references to Top Gun, Star Wars and countless other movies…Pop Gun will make you laugh and cry!

The story of incredibly vain fighter pilot Phil “Chapstick” Mitchell and his continued quest to be the best pilot while still having great hair… Phil “Chapstick” Mitchell- Greg Friel Penny Farthing-Natalie James Admiral James Piercing-Tim Jarvis Tom “Link” Beverly-Ian Shapiro Ray “Lunar” Kaslowsky-Tom McCrorie Jake “Roaster” Collins-Marc Christensen Lt. Roger Random-Graham Scott Additional Voices by Eoin Friel,Edward Friel,Nate Cleary and Thea Newcomb. Camera Consultant-Carl Bianco.

Greg’s hair by Aseel Zoma at The Gold Room “Hold My Hair” performed by Linda Friel.

Soundtrack available on Frielance Music Records. #topgunparody #TopGunMaverick #topgun #tomcruise #starwarsparody #starwars #comedy #funnyvideos #tomcruisetribute