Prepare for Warriors of Future

Louis Koo and Sean Lau star in the upcoming sci-fi actioner Warriors of Future; it tells the story of a meteorite crashing down on a barren future Earth ravaged by pollution and global warming, bringing with it a fast-growing alien vine that purifies the planet but kills everything in its path. Armed with the plant’s genetic map, the heavily armored military of an unnamed city tries but fails to destroy it and uncovers a conspiracy.


The trailer below looks genuinely spectacular and uses a mixture of CG and practical effects. I’m a big fan of Louis Koo and this looks like it might be a massive hit.


According to THR “the movie is the long-cherished dream project of sci-fi fan Koo and has taken him years to develop. He was instrumental in creating the look and feel of the film and its universe with Ng. “Unlike historical or mythological epics, where there are existing frameworks, backgrounds and sources, we have to create the world in Warriors of Future on a blank piece of paper,” Ng told The Hollywood Reporter. “While the story is set in a realistic looking world, we have to design everything in the film — from the alien monster to the costumes, the underwear the actors wear, armored vehicles, everything, to create consistency and make it convincing for the audience.”



Source: THR