R.I.P. William Friedkin

We have some sad news to report today; Oscar-winning director William Friedkin, known for classics like The French Connection and The Exorcist has passed away at the age of 87.  He also directed the underrated Sorcerer from 1987, 1985’s To Live and Die in L.A. and Bug from 2006 to name just a few.

Friedkin, a renowned American film director, producer, and screenwriter, was a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. He is perhaps best known for the way he used the medium to uplift narratives often shrouded in darkness and mystery. In an industry dominated by commercial tropes, Friedkin cultivated a unique cinematic style that was both unconventional and daring.

The French Connection was a visceral thriller that was more than just a cat-and-mouse chase. Friedkin explored human failure, obsession, and the thin line between right and wrong.

In the passing of William Friedkin, we bid farewell to a cinematic giant. This loss will undoubtedly be felt across the international filmmaking fraternity. His career has left us with timeless cinematic classics that we’ll continue to appreciate and respect.

R.I.P. Sir.