Remembering Omega Cop (1990) with Ron Marchini & Adam West

Plot: A lawman (Ron Marchini) rescues women from slave traders and gangs of scavengers.

Ron Marchini stars alongside Adam West in this long forgotten but surprisingly entertaining post-apocalyptic western. I don’t know why I love movies like this; Omega Cop is super low budget with a not entirely convincing post-apocalyptic world and some questionable acting but I still have a soft spot for it.

It basically is filmed in an empty parking lot and someone added some wind effects to it and yet it still manages to entertain as well as being unintentionally hilarious. Apparently when the world ends and we only have a few people left on Earth we’re all going to dress like The Village People as well as wear ridiculous wigs.

Marchini doesn’t show much in the way of emotion but his character of Travis is a stoic badass and essentially the last cop left in this world. When he sees a woman in distress he can’t stand idly by so most of the film involves him beating up potential rapists and rescuing the girls.

Travis is on the hunt for the main villain Wraith (Chuck Katzakian) who looks like M. Bison from Street Fighter except he wears all black. His henchmen are pretty despicable and it’s always satisfying watching Travis beat them up on a regular basis. Some have said the fight choreography isn’t great but at least you can see everything that’s going on. The pacing is brisk with action every few minutes so that kept me happy.

I think this would appeal to those of us who enjoy movies from Reb Brown as they rarely have a big budget but are never less than entertaining.

I was disappointed the character of Zoe made it to the credits as she was annoying from beginning to end; I was waiting for her to become more likeable but it never happened.

The music is awesome with some electric guitar and synth so it ticked all the boxes for me especially during the finale which was made to feel a bit larger in scale than it actually was.

Overall, Omega Cop isn’t exactly high art but I can watch movies like this all day… in fact I do so if like me you enjoy cheap post-apocalyptic thrills then you’ll have a good time.