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Scott Adkins & Marko Zaror to Star in Diablo

After chatting with Marko Zaror last week we did discuss if he had plans on working with Scott Adkins again soon and it didn’t take long for an official announcement to come out from Deadline. Marko and Scott Adkins will reunite for the upcoming actioner Diablo from The Fist of the Condor and Redeemer helmer Ernesto Díaz Espinoza.

Deadline states that the plot follows “Kris Chaney (Adkins) who, after being released from prison, embarks on a perilous mission to fulfill an old promise but finds himself in danger when he kidnaps Elisa, the daughter of a powerful gangster. Her father, Vincent, puts out a call to the entire criminal underworld to bring her back alive. El Corvo (Zaror), a psychopathic killer, joins the hunt not for the money but for his own vendetta against Vincent’s family. Kris must evade both Elisa’s powerful father and a ruthless killer bent on revenge to live long enough to tell Elisa the full story that has been hidden from her.”

This sounds awesome and seeing Scott and Marko face off against each other again makes this one of my most anticipated action movies.


Source: Deadline