Shotgun Wedding (2023) Review

A Fun Time


Shotgun Wedding is everything you’d expect from the trailers but I was pleased with the amount of action and we even get an awesome bad guy death at the end. It may not be classic stuff but it’s perfect, lighthearted entertainment for a dreary January night.

Plot: Darcy and Tom gather their families for a destination wedding, but the ceremony gets put on hold when gunmen take everyone hostage. Now, they must do everything they can to save their loved ones — if they don’t wind up killing each other first.

Review: Shotgun Wedding is the kind of movie I thought we didn’t get anymore and is a fun, 90’s style romantic action comedy starring Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel.

I was admittedly curious about this film from the trailers as it could have either been excruciatingly unfunny or a charming escape from reality and thankfully it’s the latter. It has plenty of comedy which doesn’t always land but it certainly had me laughing at several points with Jennifer Coolidge mostly stealing the show as always.

Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel have nice chemistry on screen although this does have the tired trope of them screaming and bickering at each other which does grate after a while.

You may be thinking, but is this an action movie? To which I respond yes, it is. Shotgun Wedding has several fight scenes, explosions and even brings back the epic bad guy death but even despite that the tone manages to stay light and it’s hard not to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Overall, Shotgun Wedding was far more entertaining and charming than I expected with plenty of laughs, a decent bodycount, fight scenes and a satisfying finale to be worth checking out if you want to see something a little different.