Stallone Reveals Why Willis Left Expendables 3

As we found out recently on Sylvester Stallone’s Twitter, he has confirmed the inclusion of Harrison Ford and confirmed the departure of Bruce Willis. Willis as we know has a hefty role behind the Expendables as basically the guy who rings them up to do his dirty work. Now it seems Ford will play a similar agent while leaving Willis. While this news both disappointed and excited us, why did Willis leave in the first place?

If you remember, after the Tweet confirming Ford, Stallone would tweet another message that seems to insinuate Willis’s greed. Now we can safely say it was as The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Willis dropped out because he wanted $1 million more for playing the role in the third installment of the popular action franchise. He was offered $3 million, but declined the offer.

It’s crazy to see this happen. Stallone and Willis were best buds back in the 80’s and 90’s (Remember Planet Hollywood?), it seems like they’ve fallen out. Not to mention Bruce Willis’s career of late has pretty much consisted of him sleepwalking through movies. Greed can be a powerful enemy.

What do you think? Was Willis a dealbreaker for EX3? Will Ford improve on the role? We’ll find out next year.