Television Filming Transforms Atlanta Area Real Estate: Here’s Why

While Hollywood may be the entertainment Mecca of the world, Atlanta has become a go-to city for television and film production in recent years. According to FilmLA, an organization that tracks film industry trends, Atlanta was the top U.S. location for feature film projects in 2017. The state of Georgia offered a record-breaking $800 million in tax incentives to the industry last year, which helped attract big-budget productions like Marvel’s “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War.”

But it’s not just blockbuster movies that are being filmed in Atlanta these days. Television shows like NBC’s “The Walking Dead,” FX’s “Atlanta” and HBO’s “Insecure” have all made Georgia their home base in recent years. And this increased filming activity is having a major impact on the Atlanta area real estate market. But, why is that? In this article, we’ll take a look at how television filming is transforming Atlanta’s real estate landscape.


The prices rose during the past few years

In recent years, the real estate market in Atlanta has seen a sharp rise in prices. This is in stark contrast to the heavily lagging housing market in other major cities in the US. The television industry has had a significant impact on this outcome by portraying Georgia as an attractive destination for investment in real estate. In fact, according to some experts, the state of Georgia has guided potential investors to invest in its housing developments due to its increasing presence on TV in different shows and documentaries.

Consequently, many have been encouraged to purchase property in this area in order to gain high returns on their investments. By doing so, they have caused rising prices and healthy competition among buyers driving up the value of the real estate in Atlanta even higher.


This has had a positive impact on the city’s economy

The real estate industry saw a considerable surge in growth as a direct result of how television has shaped people’s perceptions of it. In cities all over the world, there are now more buyers than ever before who are interested in investing in property due to the glamorous image that TV series and films have projected for this sector.

This increase in demand has been beneficial for the local economy; jobs created from development projects and increased spending from more people buying homes have brought financial stability to many communities. The real estate industry is certainly flourishing thanks to a newfound admiration fuelled by TV shows, improving the lives of local citizens with an influx of new money and wider access to homeownership opportunities.

Moreover, television filming has also had a significant influence on local businesses in the area. Production companies rely heavily on services such as catering, transportation, and lodging during their filming projects which can add additional support to these establishments. This influx of capital helps keep them afloat and supports their growth.


The demand has also risen

From all of this above, it is clear that the demand has risen in the real estate market in Atlanta and surrounding areas. This increased demand for properties has seen a dramatic rise over the years, and television is an undeniable factor behind this increase. While of course, the market itself is what drives this industry, television has sensationalized many aspects of house hunting and created a memorable, narrative-style view that people can relate to. Whether it be through comedy sitcoms featuring characters looking for houses for sale or more dramatized home renovation shows – television has left its footprint in the industry.

As a result, many eager viewers find themselves interested in delving deeper into the housing market, exposing them to new possibilities and inspiring them to take action on their own search for the best site for finding Atlanta houses for sale, or even the perfect home they’ve been dreaming of. In order to accommodate this increased demand for housing, real estate developers have had to work hard to keep up with the ever-growing need for more homes.


For buyers, as well as for tenants

Besides the benefits that television has brought to the real estate sector, homeowners and tenants in Atlanta have also noticed a change. As more people invest in property due to the positive portrayal of the industry on TV shows, there are now more options available for those looking for houses for sale or rent. This can be attributed to increased demand from buyers and investors, as well as new developments in the city to meet this need.

Furthermore, those who already own property will be pleased to know that their investments are now worth more than ever, thanks to the growing value of real estate.


It’s a fertile ground for investors as well

Investors have also been keen to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Atlanta’s real estate market. The increasing value has made it an attractive prospect for those looking to make a return on their investments – whether it’s flipping homes or buying and renting out properties, there is no shortage of potential in this city.

For many investors, television shows such as ‘Flip or Flop’ have served to educate them on the process of home renovation and how to make a profit from it. This has been beneficial for many, as it’s provided knowledge that can be applied to their own projects. Furthermore, the rising demand for real estate has presented investors with the chance to enter a market full of potential and profit.

Overall, television has been an important factor in driving up the value of the real estate in Atlanta and exposing more people to the wealth of opportunities available in this sector.


Some neighborhoods have become more desirable

Certain neighborhoods have become especially desirable due to their close proximity to production studios and popular shooting locations. These areas often see property values increase significantly when a large-scale project is filmed in the area, driving up demand for living space nearby. Real estate professionals often suggest these areas to those seeking an investment opportunity or a change of scenery, providing potential homeowners with the chance to benefit from the bustling television industry that makes Atlanta its home.


Real estate marketing has never been easier

The real estate industry has seen a significant transformation due to the influence of television over the last few decades. In the past, marketing a home or property was largely a local affair due to limited channels to advertise. Nowadays, however, due to the reach and influence of TV, marketing real estate has never been easier. Through television, potential buyers can reach beyond their local region and get in contact with a wide variety of agents and brokers.

Additionally, consumers are provided with much more comprehensive listings due to this technology allowing them to make more informed decisions before buying. Finally, sellers are able to showcase more information about homes and properties due to television enabling buyers to look for something specific to find exactly what they need. All-in-all it’s clear that television revolutionized the marketing side of real estate making things much better for both buyers and sellers alike.


Hollywood portrays a perfect life

We all know that Hollywood often portrays a perfect life, with beautiful homes being an integral part of the story. This has served to increase the already growing demand for real estate in Atlanta and beyond. Many movies have showcased some of the most coveted properties in this city, inspiring viewers to search for their own dream homes.

Consequently, real estate agents have experienced a rise in interest from potential buyers and tenants looking to purchase property in or around Atlanta. This has resulted in increased competition amongst sellers as potential buyers are presented with more options depending on their budget and needs.


There are also more real estate shows

In recent years, real estate shows have been on the rise, particularly in Atlanta. From HGTV to The Real Housewives of Atlanta, these real estate shows provide an inside view and greater insight into the real estate industry. While many of these real estate-based shows focus mainly on how projects are completed and flipped for a fast profit, they also emphasize showmanship and credibility sometimes more than real estate education.

Despite their focus on entertaining viewers, real estate television programs may still be able to offer realtors useful strategies that they can use in their own industry or purchase real estate investment properties. Whether or not realtors feel like these programs accurately portray the real estate market in Atlanta, one thing is certain: Real estate television is here to stay and has made an undeniable impact on the real estate industry.


You can even rent your home as a filming location

Atlanta has seen a recent uptick in its real estate industry since it became the filming location of numerous TV series and movies. Atlanta not only has a long list of amazing attractions, but it also offers the perfect backdrop for production companies to use as their own temporary home-away-from-home. Homeowners can even rent out their own space to be used as a filming location and make extra money.

Whether your house is large or small, you can have opportunities in Atlanta to draw attention from filmmakers who may be looking for just the right spot to shoot their latest movie or show. Whether they’re just renting out a room or having an entire cast and crew at their property, Atlanta’s real estate industry offers one more added bonus that residents should consider—extra income.


What are some popular movies and TV shows that have been filmed in Atlanta?

Atlanta is powerfully entrancing many movie and TV producers looking to film their projects in the city. Stranger Things, Baby Driver, The Walking Dead, and The Internship are just a few movies and TV shows that have used Atlanta as the backdrop for their production. Stranger Things, a sci-fi drama series from Netflix, resonates well with local teens and adults alike due to its suspenseful plot and challenging characters. Baby Driver, a sought-after action movie released in 2017, sees protagonist Baby maneuver through an exciting car chase alongside his blazing red paint vehicle.

AMC’s zombie thriller The Walking Dead has also made waves from viewers globally promoting the city of Atlanta in tangent with the show’s storyline. A more light-hearted movie filmed on location here is The Internship where two older workers land an internship at Google. These four examples show why the television industry has a major impact on real estate developments within Atlanta.


How long is this boom expected to last

Atlanta’s real estate industry has experienced a remarkable boom due to an influx of production companies and related support services to the television industry. This has resulted in jobs, increased rental rates, and increased home values throughout the region. It is difficult to predict exactly how long this current growth will last, but experts have suggested that it could extend as far out as 2030 as high-profile television projects continue to choose the Atlanta area for their productions. Such positivity in the marketplace can be attributed to the booming television industry and is likely to have a positive effect on Atlanta’s real estate market well into the future.

Atlanta’s real estate market has been booming due to the influx of television production companies and related support services. From Stranger Things to The Internship, there are a variety of popular shows and movies that have chosen Atlanta as their filming location. Homeowners can even rent out their own space for extra income. This current growth is expected to last until 2030 or longer depending on how many high-profile projects continue in the area.

It is clear that the television industry has had an undeniable impact on the real estate industry in Atlanta and will likely remain strong for years to come. With this knowledge, savvy investors may be able to capitalize on these trends by investing in properties within this region before prices start rising too quickly – so don’t wait any longer! Hopefully, with the knowledge of this current trend, homeowners and investors in Atlanta can take advantage of the booming market.