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Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Music Score Review



The music score to Terminator: Dark Fate has been given a nice modern sheen with several exciting tracks and the main theme is still as strong as ever. It’s not a patch on the first 2 but it is the best Terminator score since 1991.

Review: I meant to review this months ago but totally forgot so better late that never; Terminator: Dark Fate got a mixed response when it came out in theatres last year with some loving it and others hating it. The one aspect I was most looking forward to was the score; I was sad it wasn’t Brad Fiedel composing as he created an absolute masterpiece and one of the greatest music scores of all time with Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Now it’s Junkie XL’s turn to give his own voice to the classic theme so is it any good? Well it’s not T1 or T2 but it’s certainly the best Terminator music score since Judgment Day.  Stand out tracks include Dark Fate which is a modern interpretation of the classic theme; it’s updated well and I actually have grown to really like the Spanish guitar which gives it a more contemporary sound. Terminated is also a strong track with REV 9, For John and Epilogue also impressive.

Terminator: Dark Fate keeps the same kind of industrial sound as the second movie but I do find I only listen to the tracks that feature the main theme as to me that’s what Terminator is.

Overall, the score to Terminator: Dark Fate has some fantastic tracks like Dark Fate which updates the iconic theme nicely although I find it lacks the emotional hook of the second movie. I always found the theme was quite sad sounding with an impending feeling of doom and this score tends to just go more for noise. It’s a decent modern version but it can’t hold a candle to T2.