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The 10 Best Sly Stallone Movies

So the votes have been counted and I have to say I’m a little surprised by some of the entries on this list for the 10 Best Sylvester Stallone movies.

I mean, I enjoy Over The Top as a guilty pleasure but is it really a better film than Cop Land which didn’t even make the list?

Also, for the Rambo and Rocky franchises I lumped them under one title and listed them individually underneath as they were voted for, otherwise there would just be those franchises in the top 10.

Anyway, the people have spoken so without any further commentary from me here are your top 10 Best Sylvester Stallone movies.

10. Lock Up


I love Donald Sutherland in this movie as the awesomely named Warden Drumgoole; a sadistic bastard who really has it in for Stallone’s character Frank who really goes through Hell.

9. Escape Plan

It’s funny how this and Lock Up are next to each other in the top 10 and they have very similar storylines. Sly and Arnie are locked up in a high security prison and have to find away to get out.

8. Over the Top

Really? OK… Over the Top is cheese-tastic with Stallone arm wrestling his way across country in the name of love… or something.

7. Tango & Cash

Sly teams up with Kurt Russell in this buddy classic as two rival cops who end up framed and thrown in prison where they have to work together to escape and take down the men responsible.

6. Cobra

Yass, Cobra rules! If you don’t love it then best hand in your man card, girly man. Stallone is essentially Dirty Harry in what is almost a slasher movie with some action in it but Marion Cobretti is one of his coolest characters to date and you can never go wrong with the great Brian Thompson as The Night Slasher.

5. The Expendables 1 & 2

I figured I’d bunch these two together as like Rambo/Rocky it’s the same series. Thankfully part 3 didn’t get many votes because it’s shite.

4. Demolition Man

This definitely deserves a place near the top as it is Stallone at his best with Wesley Snipes nearly stealing the show as the great Simon Phoenix.

3. Cliffhanger

I am a little shocked that Cliffhanger got substantially more votes than Demolition Man as I think that is the better film but I do love Cliffhanger almost as much.

2. The Rambo Series

The top two shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone but it’s nice to see the Rambo series still get lots of love from genre fans. For those who are curious here is the order they were voted for on the list:

4. Rambo III

3. Rambo: First Blood Part II

2. Rambo 

1. First Blood

1. The Rocky Series

No surprise that this series is at number one although personally I’d have the Rambo franchise at 1 with Rocky at 2 but that’s just me. Below is the order they were voted:

7. Rocky V

6. Creed

5. Rocky Balboa

4. Rocky III

3. Rocky IV

2. Rocky II

1. Rocky

Rocky Balboa remains an icon for us all; the underdog who can overcome insurmountable odds with sheer determination. Bring on Creed II…


See? Told you there were a few odd ones on there but that’s what was voted for. Thanks to all who voted and stay tuned for a new poll soon…