The Action Elite Meets Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today I was lucky enough to be downtown in the Indigo Bookstore, Toronto to meet the “Legend of Action” himself Arnie at a book signing. I’ve supplied a couple of frankly crap photos but you can tell it’s him and I also got him to sign his new autobiography “Total Recall”. I was surprised when I saw him up close how sad his eyes looked. He was trying to look happy to be there, but he’s a man riddled with remorse. Quite right too as there’s no excuse for the way he treated his wife, but I don’t care about his personal life; I care that he made the greatest action movies of all time and is the ultimate action hero.

The greatest moment was when he first appeared to thunderous applause and said “I’ll be Back”. To hear him say that in real life was something I’ll never forget. While we were waiting, we were given free Starbucks hot chocolate and Tim Horton’s donuts; the staff said that Arnold had paid for it; I think they were joking but it wouldn’t surprise me if he had.

I told him it was an honour to meet him and we shook hands and I was hurried off by the bookstore Gestapo. It was very well run, but it would have been nice to be able to chat a bit more. Maybe some day I’ll actually get to interview the big guy and discuss career highlights, etc. Anyway, my life is complete as this year alone I’ve seen Arnold and Sly in real life. It’s a dream come true and I can happily say it was worth it. I’m looking forward to reading this book of his and finding out more about the Austrian Oak.

Here are a few photos from the event. Enjoy!