The Best Basketball Movies Ever Made

The basketball game is a delightful sight to anyone that appreciates beauty. The essence of basketball reverberates with everyone that has ever picked up a basketball and passed it through the hoops.

The professional games are so attractive that basketball fans in Maryland search for a list of all MD sportsbooks to add some fun to the events. Nevertheless, apart from enjoying basketball games on the screen, there’s another way for lovers of the game to rack up excitement.

Basketball has found its way into Hollywood. That’s why the best movies revolving around the game are being discussed.

Here are the top four movies ever made on basketball:

He Got Game

He Got Game is a movie that highly focuses on the basketball aspect rather than the other subplots of the movie. It begins with Jesus Shuttleworth, a budding basketball star, and his father, who is ordered by the state governor to ask his son to attend a particular high school.

One of the best parts of He Got Game is that some of the scenes in the movie were real. Denzel Washington was the star of this movie which was filmed in Brooklyn and Coney Island.


Hoosiers is a movie that features underdogs against favorites. However, the script was set so that it didn’t seem like the cliché films about the underdog beating the existing stars.

The plot is set in a town in Indiana where a high school team plays against a better team to clinch the state championship. The Indiana location was perfect for the movie because of the state’s basketball culture.

Space Jam

Space Jam is a movie that puts together cartoons and real-life basketball players to make one quality film. Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, and many other basketball players were filmed in Space Jam.

Above the Rim

Above the Rim is a movie that features Tupac Shakur, Martin, and Leon and was shot in the streets of Harlem. This makes the location perfect since Harlem imbibes the basketball culture.

The plot focuses on Kyle-Lee, a young basketball player with a scholarship to Georgetown. The kid is faced with pressure on all ends, and he navigates life trying to make positive choices despite the influences around him.

Basketball has gone beyond its usual to get immortalized by Hollywood and its creative directors. Anyone who loves the game would be able to appreciate all aspects of a movie centered on basketball. The best basketball movies ever made include Space Jam, Above the Rim, He Got Game and Hoosiers.