The Best Casino Performances in Hollywood

We love casinos. The games, the people, the whole atmosphere, they take you into a whole other world, one of many highs and lows. Hollywood sure knows how to depict what we physically feel with our presence, in their movies! Every single detail we experience, we can see in many Hollywood creations! We have gathered the best for you!


1)   Casino (1995)

Our first movie in this list is Casino, a 1995 movie by Martin Scorsese. This American drama depicts the mafia involved in the casino, money, mystery, love and a lot of crimes. Robert DeNiro plays in this beloved all-time classic as the handicapper and to this day, his performance seems almost pure!

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2)   Ocean’s 11 (2001)

The title of the movie resembles nothing of a casino but it does so in a most splendid way! Ocean’s Eleven is the smartest casino heist movie out there, which even the sequels could not surpass! Showing three extremely large and successful casinos and then pulling the craziest heist anyone has ever seen, the movie sure puts us inside those walls for its whole duration!

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3)   Casino Royale (2006)

A James Bond movie could never miss our list, especially one starring Daniel Craig! Casino Royale, even though a remake, showed in great detail how a baccarat casino works! A spy and action movie, with one of the top casino performances out there, we could not ask for anything more!

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4)   The Hangover (2009)

One of the greatest comedies of 2009, the Hangover made us travel inside our screens and inside the insane and intense world of a casino! Though the movie is not set in its entirety in the casino, the scenes that are, are amazingly accurate and fierce!

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5)   Gilda (1946)

Last but not least in our list, a 1946 film noir starring the one and only Rita Hayworth, Gilda. NO matter how old this movie is, its casino depictions were so genuine, we felt like all the events could actually have happened in real life! With a love triangle set in the middle of the casino grounds, one being the owner, the other his trusted employee and Gilda, the wife of the owner, we knew from the beginning this would have a strong ending! However, when the whole story unravels, we are amazed at the implications it has for the casino, making Gilda our best casino performance is the list!

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Casinos are and will always be a place of power and inspiration! Not all entertainment means are simply fun, some need smarts and patience! Hollywood will always be here to remind us of all the best and worst in this world including our favourite casinos!