The Best Gambling Movies in History to Recall

Watching a movie is a great way to unwind and relax. It can get even better with those offering plenty of opportunities to enjoy the action and thrill. If you love gambling, you may find the big money, glamour and style quotient replayed in movies to attract your attention to the big screen as well. Creation of films around gambling and casino is not new and there are some remarkable movies produced by Hollywood that can be listed as the best in its genre.


If watching any of these pulls you up for some real action on the reels, you can try your luck at any of the slots offered by the popular UK mobile casino. The best-rated movies so far:


Rounders: The poker scene in this evergreen 90s film is a must watch. It will take you to NYC, Atlantic City and Las Vegas. If you are a poker enthusiast, you will enjoy every bit of this movie. A law school student appears as a splendid poker player here who tries to help his friend who has exited the prison to get off some real trouble. In the process, the candid player renews his love for poker.


Casino Royale: Released in 2006, this movie has been rated as one of the best films among the Bond films. Casino Royale showcased action, perfect set, glamour and a storyline that kept audiences at the seat’s edge. The poker table sequence brought Bond and his opponent face to face in a charging game and an incredible showdown setting for the film’s climax. The high-stakes poker game unfolds at a casino in Monte Carlo and is one of the best scenes in the history of gambling movies.


Ocean’s Eleven: Released first in 1960, its rendition hit the curtains in 2001 to make news again. The 1960’s film brought Vegas and its immersive thrill to limelight while the star-studded remake of the film added a thunderous twist to the original one and won accolades.


Casino: Released in 1995, the movie narrates an epic story around the mobs and Las Vegas connection. The protagonist plays the role of a bookie that is shown to be forced by his bosses to conquer a famous casino in Vegas. While the plot will fascinate you, the performances and actions will run a chill down your spine.


The Sting: Released in 1973, the Sting indeed stands out in its genre. Set in the 30’s decade, the film is loaded with some exciting gambling sequences. The high stakes poker games and the bogus horse racing sportsbook steal the show. With an enticing soundtrack and great presentations, this movie is a must watch.


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