The Best Kills of John Wick from Parabellum

It’s funny how people are getting their knickers in a twist about Joker and how violent Rambo: Last Blood was and yet as director Todd Phillips stated no one ever cries about the brutally awesome kills of John Wick.

This year’s Chapter 3 – Parabellum is every bit as violent as Rambo with some truly vicious kills. If you’re looking for some deep discussion into violence in society and how it influences audiences you’ve come to the wrong place. No, I’m here to talk about some of my favourite kills of the year for Mr. Wick so let’s take a look at some of John Wick’s best takedowns of 2019 (terrible puns included).

Motorcycle Mayhem

As Wick eludes more killers the action moves to motorcycles (with swords obviously) as a nice homage to The Villainess as John hacks and slashes his way through the bad guys who lose limbs as well as their lives.

Wick vs. Zero

The best thing about this movie was the addition of Mark Dacascos to the cast as the fanboy/assassin Zero; it’s not all that spectacular a kill but it’s such a long fight that it feels like a satisfying payoff. For Chapter 4 how about Scott Adkins, Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa as assassins?


Horsing Around

I laughed out loud at this scene in the theatre as it was wonderfully inventive and it looks very painful indeed. As Mr. Wick tries to escape the latest onslaught of goons he leads them into a stables where he uses horses as an efficient weapon.

Good Doggies

Halle Berry’s role was a little shorter than it could have been as she was discarded a bit too quickly however, when she is on screen she and John (and her dogs) go to town on some bad guys using the dogs to chew through them while the two assassins unload endless bullets.

Eye Eye

I remember everyone shouting “Ewww!” during this scene as it was hilariously vicious with so much stabbing going on but it’s the dude getting stabbed in the eye at the end which makes everyone wince.

Book Smarts

This may well be my favourite kill of the year (although Last Blood has it’s fair share and I’ll get to that soon enough); I was telling my dad about this scene and he asked “how on Earth do you kill someone with a book?” “Very painfully” I responded. The pen may be mightier than the sword but the book can leave a more lasting impression.

FYI John Wick kills 90 people in this movie and Halle Berry kills 51; I think she needs her own spin-off…