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The Best Scenes of Casinos in James Bond Movies

The action-packed James Bond movies have certainly made headlines soon after the release. The latest movie from the Bond series, Spectre, managed to impress the audience clearly. Most of the Bond movies wow the audiences every time for one or the other reasons. Any fictional secret agent somehow ends up hitting a casino. Players can now enjoy casino games online anytime and anywhere by joining the reputed online casinos. The best UK online casino features the games that Bond plays – from btc games, standard Blackjack to Poker – with amazing bonus offers for casino lovers to enjoy the gameplay.


Playing Chemin-de-fer at mobile casino 

Chemin-de-fer is a variation of the popular card game, Baccarat. This can be played at any online casino. Monster Casino is one such popular and reliable spot where you can try Chemin-de-fer. Bond movies have also shown James Bond playing other card games such as Texas Hold’Em.


Here are some of the most famous casino scenes in the Bond movies.


Dr. No [1962]

This was the first James Bond movie to introduce us to the dangerous missions and lifestyle of James Bond. This movie opens with Sean Connery playing Chemin-de-fer at Le Cercle Casino in London. He notices the first bond girl, Sylvia Trench, while at the table who was gazing at him while he was busy playing. It was then he introduced himself to her by delivering the most famous 007 line, “Bond… James Bond”. This scene was the most defining for the character of this elite British spy.


Thunderball [1965]

This was the fourth Bond movie. He was shown playing at a casino in the Bahamas with Emilio Largo, the villain. The game transforms into a battle of wits soon after. What is interesting about this scene is that it was shot at the Pinewood Studios in England, and not at any casino in the Bahamas.


Diamonds are Forever [1971]

This is the sixth Bond movie and Connery’s final portrayal of Bond. In this movie, Connery heads to Vegas and indulges in craps at a fictional casino called the Whyte House. Bond plays craps in this movie and makes most out of it. He manages to win $65,000 in addition to seducing the gorgeous Plenty O’ Toole. You can try craps at any reputed online casinos.


Golden Eye [1995]

The casino featured in this movie is the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. This is the 17th Bond movie and the first to featured Pierce Brosnan as Bond. During this scene, Bond defeats Xenia Onatopp, the deadly Russian agent at Baccarat. This scene highlights the tension between the two prominent characters of the movie. You can try Baccarat at any online and mobile casino offering this popular card game.


Casino Royale [2006]

This movie is the first to feature Daniel Craig in the title role. This movie featured a lot of casino scenes. Several Texas Hold’Em scenes are vital to the plot. A good chunk of the movie has been shot in casinos. Although this movie features several players, Bond playing against Le Chiffre, the primary villain is the most important one. You can try your luck playing Texas Hold’Em at any online casino offering this table game.


SkyFall [2012]

This film is known for showing the most stunning casino scenes in the entire franchise. The casino features the Floating Dragon Casino in Macau. Even though Daniel Craig is not showing indulging in any game, the scenery depicting in the movie is captivating. This movie scene featured a fairy tale setting, super tall dragons and 300 floating lanterns making this the most memorable movie scene. This movie features players indulging in a game of Sic Fi, such games can now be played at any reputed online and mobile casino such as Monster Casino.