The Influence of Casinos on Cinema

Living in a world of risks, whether you like it or not, you are more often than not, presented with situations or choices that influence you either in the negative or the positive. But therein lies the thrill of living, and the joy of creative thinking. People will often seek out these dualities in life, in order to experience the moral upheaval a difficult decision can provide. With that said, most people wouldn’t go out of their way, in real life, to dramatize a situation just for kicks—no, the majority of fine folk in the world seek this elusive thrill through the glory of cinema. And what gets the blood pumping more than an action packed casino heist or a thrilling duel of chance with cards or dice? This article will seek to expand upon just exactly what kind of influence the world of betting has had on the big screen.

In the olden days of cinema

Seeking entertainment through movies, and engaging odds through betting—people have since the dawn of cinema incorporated these two concepts, being the spirit of chance and the thrill of the screen, into multiple branches of great media. Throughout the years, people have had the great pleasure of watching these cinematic marvels, some even as early as 1946! At this time, the now classic Casablanca featured a casino as the main place of events. Fitting seamlessly into the film, the addition of a casino at this time was received with associations of slick gameplay, cunning and guile—yet also an element of danger and risk. Gambling at the time, unlike today, was a thing of ill repute, and seeing it represented in a movie was shocking to some. One could say that, while not the first to do so, incorporating a casino theme into such a monumental film, paves the way for a better understanding of the world of betting.

Casinos as a place of action

Since its humble beginnings as a venue of intrigue, casinos in cinema have evolved tremendously. In the year 1967, the movie Dr No entered the big screen and took the world by storm. Widely regarded as one of the best James Bond films featuring Sean Connery, this piece of cinema shows what can be done when the suspenseful art of the bet is at play. Though no fortune was at stake here, it was Bond’s life that was being played for, and the atmosphere of the movie, from start to finish, was tense with deceit, daring and action. Casinos, as a place where the action happens, would become a troupe featured often in future films—as seen in Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom. Here an exchange goes south and a gun fight ensues in the casino, which keeping with the times, where just what the people wanted. Despite this great foundation of movies, the element of casinos in cinema was yet to reach its full potential.



Modern day depiction

As time marched on, all things casino expanded, and soon, the theme of betting could be found everywhere. In this day and age, there are numerous fun and exciting casinos both in real life and online, as I’m sure you know. From the mighty Las Vegas casino to the intrepid Betiton casino site. All ready to provide safe and responsible fun. And it shows in movies too! From such great casino heists as Ocean’s 11 to the daring and suspenseful Casino Royale of the James Bond genre, the world of betting has never seen such great representation as it does today. And why is that? Well, it is in man’s nature to go against the odds and take risks, so as to further progress in the world and life. It’s as simple as saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, and it is in this humble writer’s opinion that that is the very drive of humankind. It is only natural to want to explore these feelings of risk taking and chance from the comfort of our home, as not everyone enjoys parachuting out of a moving plane or racing down the street. Comfort, action and casinos—turns out it is a pretty good mix.