The Last Deal (2023) Review

Worth a Watch


The Last Deal isn’t packed with action and is more of a character based crime thriller but the finale is tense and it has several violent moments to keep you engaged.

Plot: A black market marijuana dealer tries to make one final score before getting squeezed out of the business when cannabis becomes legal.

Review: The Last Deal is more of a crime thriller than an action movie but it still makes for an engaging tale of a drug deal gone very wrong with solid performances from the cast. Anthony Molinari makes for a relatively sympathetic lead in Vincent and we can almost feel his desperation as he tries to recover some money that was stolen after the aforementioned drug deal.

There is still some action especially towards the end as Vincent takes drastic measures to protect his family. It also is at times shockingly violent too with one of the most convincing (and disturbing) throat slitting scenes I’ve witnessed for some time.

Sala Baker is truly hateful as the villain known as The Boss and the final showdown between he and Vincent is vicious and satisfying.

The rest of the film is quite slow and talky mostly focusing on Vincent trying to keep his marijuana business relevant in an ever changing world but it is a side of life I’ve never been familiar with which makes it something fresh.

Overall, The Last Deal is a slowburn affair with little in the way of action for the first half but it picks up for the finale and the performances are impressive throughout.