The Most Awesome Bad Guy Death Ever?

I was watching the original (and best) RoboCop the other day and when this scene came on it still gave me chills as it remains one of the most brutal movie I’ve ever watched.

It’s the death of Emil (Paul McCrane), one of Clarence Boddicker’s goons when his truck crashes into some toxic waste. Seconds after he falls out of the back of the truck with his skin literally melting off his body and I guarantee if you’re eating you will stop until this sequence has finished.

It was done using rather amazing prosthetics and to this day is one of the toughest scenes to watch; when I was a kid I used to watch it on repeat and laugh because I was a sick little bastard.

The best part has to be when he is hit by the car and his body essentially explodes and his head rolls over the roof of the car. Yes ladies, I’m single!