The Night Comes for Us (2018) Review



The Night Comes for Us is a soon to be action classic that deserves to be mentioned in the same tones as The Raid movies with amazing fight scenes, brutal violence and surprisingly interesting characters.

Plot: Ito (Joe Taslim), a gangland enforcer, caught amidst a treacherous and violent insurrection within his Triad crime family upon his return home from a stint abroad.

Review: It’s kind of a shame that The Night Comes for Us has gone direct to Netflix as it’s the type of film that should be enjoyed late at night in a crowded theatre with likeminded fans who can cheer at the awesome bloodbath unfolding on screen.

I feel like we’ve all been waiting to see this film for years (we have) and when I found out it was finally coming to Netflix I took the day off work especially so I could relax and enjoy it. It did not disappoint and frankly is a bit of an action masterpiece.

The Night Comes for Us may well be the most violent movie I have ever seen with almost too many awesome kills to count. There are incredible fight scenes every few minutes and as you’d expect from the creators of Headshot nobody dies slowly… or nicely.

You do get a bit numb to it all after a while and the over the top violence essentially becomes funny as it goes on with people getting stabbed, kicked, shot, punched and more so if you’re not into graphic violence and didn’t like The Raid then this isn’t your kind of movie.

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like The Raid (nor do I want to) which means if you’re on this site then you are going to have an absolute blast with this movie. You should have a pretty good idea what to expect going in so I’d recommend probably not eating anything while watching as it gets more than a little gruesome at times.

The cast should all be familiar by now to genre fans with Iko Uwais one of the leads who keeps you guessing whose side he is really on and whether he is a hero or villain; he has plenty of fight scenes and his introduction in the nightclub is one of the coolest of the year. Joe Taslim is unbelievably badass as Ito who is practically an unstoppable killing machine. He can literally walk into a pool hall and kick everyone’s ass and still be standing by the end of it.

Then we have Julie Estelle (Hammer Girl from the Raid 2) who may arguably be my favourite character and her fight with the two female villains at the end is possibly my favourite scene of the film. It’s unbelievably brutal and she is amazing to watch on screen.

There isn’t that much in the way of story and it’s essentially just an excuse for lots of ultra-violence but that’s exactly what we want and it delivers in spades. In terms of characters I think Ito’s crew taking on an endless horde of goons to protect a little girl demonstrates more character than any monologue ever could.

It’s exhausting stuff and as awesome as the final fight is I did find it went on a little too long and I’m pretty sure no one from the cast has survived making this movie.

Overall, The Night Comes for Us is the best action movie of the year alongside Mission: Impossible- Falllout and if you’re looking for stunning action and brutal kills then look no further.