The Punisher: The Untold Story of an 80s Cult Classic Book

I didn’t know this even existed until the other day but there is apparently a book called The Punisher: The Untold Story of an 80s Cult Classic which is all about Dolph Lundgren’s (frankly underrated) Punisher movie. I’m not sure if the book is in English or not but if it is then I guess I’ll just have to pick up a copy ASAP.

About the book: Both decried and adored, the first motion picture adaptation of the famous Marvel Comics character The Punisher rises well above the mediocrity often attributed to it. Esteemed by Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron, “The Punisher” is a hybrid 80’s action film shot like a “neo film noir” blending the exploitation genres from Italy, Japan and Australia.
Documented herein are fascinating stories behind one of Dolph Lundgren’s most popular and emblematic roles, following his sudden stardom with “Rocky IV” and “Masters of the Universe”.
“The Punisher: The Untold Story of an 80’s Cult Classic” demystifies urban legends and preconceived ideas by recounting the complete genesis of the film through juicy, unheard of anecdotes collected from both the filmmakers and some of the Marvel comics authors.
Exhaustively researched, the book features over two dozen exclusive, candid interviews including those with the cast and crew, as well as Marvel editors and writers…
Profusely illustrated with rare stills and promotional materials, behind-the-scenes photos, and images from deleted scenes, “The Punisher: The Untold Story of an 80s Cult Classic” is loaded with previously untold insights into one of the most unique and underrated gem in action cinema history. A rare film to rehabilitate, through its thrilling behind the scenes and hazardous domestic distribution, true testimonies of a bygone era….