The Sexiest Female Superheroes Today

It’s easy to find lists of the sexiest female superheroes. This is certainly a popular topic in the geek community. In a world where superhero blockbusters are completely mainstream, it seems that the geek community might encompass most of society in one way or another. Being a geek is mainstream now, and a lot of people are seeing that for themselves. For that reason, finding superhero women attractive is now just as mainstream.

Scarlett Johansson probably made half of the world fall in love with Black Widow. A lot of people were probably not even aware of this particular superhero. However, the Avengers is one of the most financially successful superhero series of all time. People who have never read a comic book in their lives will still probably think of Black Widow as being the hottest superhero of all time because she was portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, one of the most loved sex symbols in the modern age.

Superhero women are typically loved for their strength and power as well as their tremendous sex appeal. Rogue from X-Men is interesting in that she has a strong combination of strength and vulnerability. She has powers that she cannot control that are very dangerous. She is still able to use them in a way that gives her real strength, but she still has this set of limitations involving her powers. A lot of people find that this is a powerful combination, and some people might specifically find it attractive.

The fact that Rogue has a Southern accent and streaked hair should only heighten her appeal for a lot of people. She was portrayed by Anna Paquin in the X-Men film series, and that is only going to make things better for a lot of people.

Some comic book fans will argue over whether Buffy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer counts as a superhero. Her story has been continued through an ongoing comic book series, and the fact that she began her life as a movie character and then a television character should not make too much of a difference. Many people would certainly count Buffy among the sexiest of modern female superheroes, despite the age of the Buffy television series. This is a series that has a great deal of enduring popularity, and that should make a difference for the people who are trying to really enjoy the genre as a whole.

Many of the female characters in superhero stories are love interests only. They don’t actually have any powers of their own. They exist to be saved by the male heroes. Female superheroes are very different. The people who find them attractive will typically find strong women attractive.

Many female superheroes are going to fit a very specific physical type. People often will have a hard time telling them apart in comic books without hair color and costume cues. The people who find certain female superheroes attractive are paying attention to their personalities as well as their looks as a matter of course.