The Siege with Daniel Stisen Hits Blu-ray May 30

Daniel Stisen (Last Man Down, Rise of the Footsoldier 3) is an international assassin sent to a reassignment center for a new identity after being compromised during a mission, but when a ruthless assault team suddenly storms the compound, he must team up with an elite hitwoman to defend the facility and survive the night in the action-packed thriller THE SIEGE, debuting on Blu-ray™ and DVD May 30 from Well Go USA Entertainment. The film is available on digital now. Director Brad Watson (Beacon 77, For We Are Many) amps up the action and brings acclaimed stuntwoman Lauren Okadigbo (Black Widow, Wonder Woman), Yennis Cheung (Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy), Byron Gibson (Rise of the Footsoldier: The Heist), and Samantha Schnitzler (Black Ops) along for the ride. Bonus materials include a “Making-of” featurette.

Synopsis: After being compromised during a mission gone wrong, an international assassin is sent to a reassignment center to receive a new identity and erase any trace of his past handiwork. However, when a ruthless team of operatives storms the secure compound, he reluctantly teams up with an elite hitwoman and her mysterious charge in order to make it out alive.