The Top Mobile Games for Tackling Boredom

Some days, it just seems like you have got everything on your plate caught up. Even if you do not, sometimes you may need a brain break to zone out and relax. When you are at home and boredom hits, you can turn to Netflix, scroll on social media, or maybe scroll for hours on social media. For the gamers out there, you may flip through pages of mobile games looking for something fun to fill the void. The perfect game for tackling boredom should require some brainpower, but not too much. You could call it the “Goldilocks zone.”

Instead of spending hours downloading, trialling, and deleting mobile games, here are some great options to play when you are bored, or maybe just need a distraction for a while.

1.   Candy Crush Saga

It’s a mystery why crush candy is so addictive, but Candy Crush Saga is the go-to game for zoning out and killing boredom. It requires the right amount of thought with a repetitiveness that is almost therapeutic. If you have never played, the premise of the game is merely lining up matching candy to gain points and reach goals. When you line up the sweets, they disappear, and any above candies will dropdown. You can get special candies by lining up candy in longer lines or formations which deliver unique effects.


It is free to play, but you can pay for extra lives and buy special candies. You can compare your scores with your friends and follow along with the storyline as you move throughout different candy-themed maps. There are currently almost 7000 levels to complete, so you will likely never run of out of new levels to play.


2.   Online Slots

Online slots offer the excitement of winning credits, with themed options to choose from and fun animated effects. Whether you play with real money or play for free, the brain still reacts with excitement when you hit the jackpot. Some of the best online slots include the Norse-themed Thunderstruck II and the action-packed Girls with Guns.


You can spend hours watching the reels spin around and around, exploring unique combinations and the special events that occur with specific lineups. Best of all, you have the option to make real money if you want to.


  1. Tetris

An oldy, but a goody, Tetris is the classic tile puzzle game that has been used to conquer boredom for years. There are many different versions of Tetris, but you cannot beat the original. You fit the differently shaped blocks together to form lines as they fall from the top of the screen. Once you build a line, it disappears, and you receive points.


As time goes on, the pieces fall faster, and it becomes harder to stop the inevitable, which is your screen filling up to the top. You can repeatedly play to try to beat your best score and the scores of your friends. The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition has even named Tetris one of the top-selling video games of all time.