The Ultimate Watchlist: Top Movies About Risk and Reward

As daunting as it may seem, taking risks can often lead to rewards, and you might be surprised to find that you take more risks in your everyday life than you might have realized. Whether taking risks in your career, personal goals, in your favorite video game, or even in relationships, sometimes there is no one ‘rule’ or strategy that you follow. Sometimes, taking a risk is the only way to see where you will end up.

Although you might often be put off by taking a chance on something because it’s ‘too risky’ or the thought of just not knowing what the result will end up being might be off-putting to you, we think of it as a win-win situation. If you take a risk, you might have a more incredible reward than you had imagined. On the other hand, we would see taking a risk as a learning opportunity for both what to do and not to do when making another decision in the future. If you think about it like that, you benefit in both circumstances.

With that in mind, many movies also consider and explore the theme of risk and reward and how sometimes it is just a matter of taking a daring leap that will lead to unimaginable levels and heights. We have rounded up some of the Top poker movies that showcase this to the very fullest.

To read more about some of the best risk and reward movies, keep reading below!


  1. Ocean’s Eight

This action-packed heist film, starting with Ocean’s Eleven, is a spin-off from the original Ocean trilogy starring Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Minda Kaling, and Helena Bonham Carter, to name just a few of the leading stars.

A refreshing take on heist films, this all-female cast brings something new to the table, focusing on getting as many valuable pieces from the annual Met Gala as opposed to pulling off a heist within a bank.

From elaborate planning to each character bringing a different skillset to the group, the film not only looks at risk and just the sheer amount of reward that comes from making last-minute decisions and changes, but it also explores the dynamics of just how well risk and reward can work when you work within a team. Everyone is on the same page, with meticulous planning and pe-emptying any potential problems as they arise.


The Social Network

If you haven’t watched The Social Network to this day, you are missing out. Following the creation of Facebook and just how Mark Zuckerberg got to where he is, the movie takes us right to the beginning.

We all know Mark Zuckerberg as the owner and founder of Facebook. You may not know that starting the global social-media platform was not a solo venture, and Zuckerberg’s partners reaped the rewards of its success initially.

The movie depicts not only the risks that come with launching such a platform but also the legal repercussions that arose and how Zuckerberg combatted this, all whilst managing just how to become a thriving entrepreneur, which is no easy feat, especially for someone who is a newbie to that whole industry.


The Wolf of Wall Street

One of the biggest titles in the industry of risk and reward, The Wolf of Wall Street is an international sensation for a good reason. It is a biographical story that follows the life of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker, and portrays how he rose to power and became wealthy.

However, the other thing at stake when taking risks is taking too many risks… and the repercussions that come with it. Belfort finds himself in a similar position, showcasing the consequences of becoming too comfortable with taking every decision lightly or not considering what might be at stake, serving as a powerful reminder to keep everything within check, balance, and reasonable limits.

Films and movies are a great source of not only entertainment for you and your friends but can also offer plenty of inspiration and opportunity to gather life skills, including the benefits and the weight that risk and reward hold. All three of the movies mentioned above explore different aspects of risk and reward, and each has a different lesson to take from it.

Entrepreneurship, heists, or how to navigate the legal world when starting a new business or investing somewhere; these movies serve as a reminder that sometimes success is informed by circumstances, and there is a lot to consider when making such big decisions. But at the same time, these can lead to new opportunities and rewards.