The Wrath of Becky (2023) Review

A Bloody Good Time


The Wrath of Becky doesn’t have quite the same shock value of the original film but Lulu Wilson is phenomenal and the villains are hateful enough that we cheer along as they are brutally destroyed one by one.

Plot: Two years after she escaped a violent attack on her family, Becky attempts to rebuild her life in the care of an older woman – a kindred spirit named Elena. But when a group known as the “Noble Men” break into their home, attack them, and take her beloved dog, Diego, Becky must return to her old ways to protect herself and her loved ones.

Review: The 2020 movie Becky rapidly became a bit of a cult classic and was one of my favourite films of that year; Becky returns in the sequel The Wrath of Becky which may lack the shock value of the first film but is still a bloody good time.

When a group of thugs called the “Noble Men” kill Becky’s friend and then take her dog, Becky makes John Wick look like a choirboy in comparison.

Seann William Scott makes for an effective villain where he has a rage simmering under the surface but we never really see it unleashed. He and his gang are still hateful enough to deserve every bit of punishment Becky deals out to them and although there are some choice moments of violence here there is nothing that quite lives up to the “eyeball” scene in the first movie.

Lulu Wilson is once again perfect as Becky who really is quite psychotic and yet for some reason we are always on her side and I enjoy every second of her wrath.

It’s a briskly paced 83 minutes, so it never overstays its welcome and there are enough exploding heads and machete kills to make for an entertaining watch.

Overall, The Wrath of Becky may lack the shock factor of the first film and is essentially more of the same but when it’s this much fun (and has exploding heads) then it’s hard to complain. The acting is faultless and Seann William Scott makes for an effective villain who is more restrained than he maybe could be but it arguably makes him more effective and he certainly deserves everything that’s coming.