Top 11 Casino-Related Series to Put On Your Watchlist

The Internet has something for everyone, but is also filled with an infinite amount of duds. That’s why we made this list of the best casino-related TV shows to binge-watch this year.

ANA. all in

This Spanish show follows Ana Tramel, a criminal lawyer who gets a phone call from her brother telling her he’s been accused of killing a casino director. With her small team, she will go against a huge corporation to defend her brother. This thriller has only six episodes so you should be able to binge-watch it really quickly.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit longer, you can give Fortuna a try. With 130 episodes, this Mexican drama from 2013 is sure to keep your attention. It tells the story of two families that collide around their patriarch who is the ruler of the Mexican gambling scene. With this TV show, you are about to witness a thrilling story.


If you are into American production, you can try Tilt (2005). It stars Michael Madsen, Chris Bauer, and Eddie Cibrian, among other names you might recognize. Tilt only has nine episodes, so it will be easy to finish it. The series follows young poker players who play against some of the best players in the world while also navigating their past. If you’re really into poker, keep in mind that you should not be expecting realistic scenes. Try going into it with an open mind and just have fun.

Las Vegas

Starring James Caan and Josh Duhamel, Las Vegas is a crime drama with a sprinkle of comedy that follows the surveillance team of the Montecito Resort and Casino in the city from the title. The team is there to catch any cheaters as they stay on top of everything that happens on the premises while you will also get insight into their private lives. The show often featured celebrities as guests and musical acts, so don’t be surprised when you recognize someone famous. It aired from 2003 to 2008 and there are 106 episodes for you to enjoy.


Often listed among the best-ever Netflix shows, Ozark aired for four seasons and there were 44 episodes from 2017 to 2022. The show follows a financial advisor and his family as they launder money for a Mexican drug cartel and in time decide to open a casino. The thrilling show it is, but it can make the whole casino industry feel a bit risky, with the mafia and shady business going on. However, be aware that it’s just a TV show and there are safe casinos out there for you to enjoy. There are plenty of secure and trustworthy websites like the SkyCity casino, for example, where you can find all of your favorite games and more. So, real life is not always like the Ozark series. Anyhow, we truly recommend this Netflix pearl.

Big Bet

Big Bet, also known as Casino and King of Savvy, is a South Korean streaming television series that aired from December 2022 to March 2023 on Disney+. If you watched the controversial classic Oldboy, you might recognize the lead, Choi Min-Sik. He plays a casino kingpin that was wrongfully charged with a murder he did not commit, which turns his life upside down.

Liar Game

While you can watch the South Korean remake consisting of 12 episodes, you could also watch the original Japanese series Liar Game. The plot is centered around a game where players are given a large amount of money and have to cheat one another out of it. Some will get rich while others will find themselves in debt for the rest of their lives. This 2007 show was based on a manga.


If you’re a manga fan, you might also enjoy Kakegurui. This psychological thriller anime has two seasons and is available on Netflix in most places. It follows the students of a private school that runs on a hierarchy established by gambling. Players often bet against each other and put huge wagers on the line, even their life.

The Casino

In case you’re more into reality television, you might also like to watch The Casino. It aired 13 episodes in 2004 and followed two dot-com millionaires as they tried to manage the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino. While it was canceled due to poor ratings, you might still enjoy this show created by the creator of Survivor.

King of Vegas

King of Vegas is a show that aired for ten episodes in 2006. It featured six professional gamblers and six amateurs that would compete for the title of King of Vegas and a million dollars. They play eight different casino games, starting with blackjack and ending with Texas Hold ‘Em. Other games included roulette, mini-baccarat, craps, and horse racing.

Breaking Vegas

A History Channel original that aired in 2004 for 14 episodes covers what people are willing to do in order to make money at casinos, sometimes even illegally. Many episodes deal with cheats and scams that people do, like sleight-of-hand tricks, card counting, past posting, and card marking. There are also a few that show off legal strategies for winning in craps, for example.


If you run through these in no time, don’t worry as you can always find more, whether it’s anime, reality, or scripted television.