Top 5 Best LGBT-friendly action movies to watch with your partner

Are you a single lesbian seeking a partner? Do you also have a penchant for action movies? Did you know there’s a surefire method of combining both these passions? The answer to these intriguing questions is so straightforward – join a lesbian website. These outlets offer a super-convenient platform for meeting a diverse range of prospective partners. There are chat rooms where you could discuss your favorite LGBT-friendly action movies. Secure communication channels make it easy to strike up conversations. This environment is ideal for developing chemistry. Once you’ve clicked, here are our suggestions for the best movies to enjoy with your new partner!


Black Swan (2010)


Set in the emotive world of ballet dancing, Darren Aronofsky’s tense psychological horror movie stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a young ballerina. The sensitive girl is vying for a part in a production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and seems perfect for the role of the innocent White Swan character. The part of the Black Swan, infinitely more sensual and sinister, is coveted by Nina’s rival, Lily (Mila Kunis). The film takes a dark twist as Nina descends into a state approaching madness as she is driven to succeed. The undoubted lesbian undercurrents play a part in the drama, while the movie itself was a massive success, earning a whopping $324 million at the box office (against production costs of $13 million).


Deadpool (2018)


How about a complete contrast for your date night? In this action-romp Marvel-comics-inspired movie, Ryan Reynolds excels as the titular wisecracking superhero. The humor is irreverent throughout, there are edge-of-the-seat action sequences, while the lead character constantly breaks the fourth wall to ensure you and your partner feel thoroughly involved! What else, the entire premise is camper than a campsite crammed with rainbow-festooned tents, so you’ll relish every side-splitting moment.


Atomic Blonde (2017)


The directorial debut of the former stuntman, David Leitch, is a marvellous high-octane thriller based on a graphic novel. Model and LGBT icon, Charlize Theron, plays Lorraine Broughton, a beautiful blonde M16 field agent, being directed by her boss, David (James McAvoy). On the eve of the collapse of the Berlin Wall, an MI6 operative is murdered, and a precious wristwatch containing the names of every secret service person, working for the West or the East, is stolen. Lorraine is dispatched to retrieve this list. Her mission is hindered by David, who seems to have become addicted to a wild, Bohemian lifestyle while posted in Berlin, leading to Lorraine mistrusting him. The atomic blonde is also bisexual and shares an intimate kiss with a French secret agent, Lasalle (Sofia Boutella).


Annihilation (2018)


In this science fiction action feature, directed and written by Alex Garland, we follow explorers who have entered a mysterious plot of land known as ‘The Shimmer.’ Inside here, animals and plants seem to mutate outlandishly, due to an alien presence. There are enough thrills as the adventurous team copes with mutant bears and disfigured alligators, but there are also underlying sexual undercurrents between Josie (Tessa Thompson) and Anya (Gina Rodriguez). As well as eye-catching cinematography, other cast members include the prolific Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh.


Bound (1996)


Lesbians in tank tops. Smouldering glances. A girl driven to escape her domineering mafia boyfriend to seek solace in the arms of a dangerously seductive girl. There was even an ‘intimacy coordinator’ employed to ensure the sexy scenes involving Violet (Jennifer Tilly) and Corky (Gina Gershon) maintained appropriate levels of simmering heat. This is dark, brooding, and lustful, but also tremendous fun, with many tongue-in-cheek comedic moments. Definitely, one to round off your LGBT-oriented date night with aplomb.