Top 5 best old-school action movies to revisit with your partner

What activities do you love doing on a date night? If you’re of a certain age – let’s refer to this as senior – you may well enjoy re-running classic action films. Senior singles can easily find partners for movie nights by referring to the online environment. There are so many over 60s dating sites which are geared specifically towards this demographic. Here, you’ll find it easy to touch base with other members, via chat rooms, or by exchanging direct messages. You could always instigate flirty conversations by suggesting old-school action features to relish when you get together. Here’s a list of our top five.


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

This action movie has everything you could ask for as the backdrop to your mature date. Director: the inimitable Steven Spielberg. Lead performer: the square-jawed hero, Harrison Ford. Supporting role: veteran Scottish actor, grey-haired but still devilishly handsome Sean Connery. Vivid sequences of chases, fighting, as well as romance and much of this franchise’s trademark humour. A roaring success at the box office, making over nine times its original budget, the third in the massively-popular Indiana Jones series is a white-knuckle ride that would be ideal viewing for seniors.


The Fifth Element

Directed by French screenwriter and director Luc Besson, this is another visual delight that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat. Garish, thrilling, and at times as camp as a row of pink tents, this stars Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman and Milla Jovovich. The wacky plot involves mystical stones necessary for defending earth in the face of a cosmic danger. That’s all you need to know. Just sit on the couch, refreshments to hand, and allow yourself to be swept up in the eye-catching special effects and frequently arresting action sequences.



The third instalment in one of cinema’s all-time greatest franchises, James Bond, Goldfinger was released in 1964 and is regarded as one of the best of the genre. Again featuring Edinburgh-born Sean Connery, here he is at his most ruggedly handsome and virile, outwitting various villains. Whether he is zooming around in his Aston Martin, or enjoying cocktails (‘shaken, not stirred’) while seducing his glamorous female co-stars, this is pure entertainment from start to finish. Relish the wonderful international settings and a succession of witty one-liners. A classic example from his fiendish nemesis, Auric Goldfinger, who has Bond secured to a torture table and facing being sliced in two by a horrific laser: ‘do you expect me to talk?’ ‘No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die!


Jurassic Park

We like to suggest a diverse cross-section of action movies for your senior love match, so this time we’re relying on director Spielberg Spielberg again, only this time it’s a lurid fantasy, with flesh-eating dinosaurs! Taking a whopping $1 billion at the box office, this is yet another glorious adrenaline ride, as the protagonists (including Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough. The plot involves a safari park containing prehistoric creatures created from ancient DNA. When the security is breached and ravenous T-Rexes start rampaging through the jungle, the stage is set for some wonderful sequences.



The concept is straightforward but instantly guarantees your heart rate will be kept pulsing throughout this action movie. A bus full of innocent passengers is hijacked by a crazed terrorist (Dennis Hopper). The twist is that he has wired a bomb to explode should the bus fall below hurtling along at 50 miles per hour. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock do their best to keep their feet on the throttle. For your mature date, what more could you ask for?